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We have plenty of giveaways planned for our community to increase your 'simping' experience.
We're giving away a free LAMBO!

As well as other "goods", stay tuned!


13% TAX

 Every transaction includes a 12% tax for liquidity and 1% distributed to holders.  This will lead to a steady growth and provide for fantastic future giveaways.

$SIMP Fund

50% of generated LP will be pulled rewarding the  TOP 225 holders and for giveaway & marketing purposes.

The generated LP will be distributed in the following way:

40% of BNB will be rewarded to the TOP 75 holders, and the other 40% will be rewarded to the next 150 holders.

20% of BNB will be added to the marketing & giveaway wallet.

All $SIMP tokens that have been pulled will be burned to increase the price of the token.