About OnlySimps

Not only is OnlySimps an adult content platform geared around BNB rewards, it is also a comprehensive marketing solution that can be tailored to fit your needs.

We are the first to leverage our extensive knowledge and connections to help teams build a token from the ground up and provide pre and post launch marketing.

Teams will be able to reach us on our platform and build a marketing plan that works with their budget.

We leverage crypto Twitter, crypto networks, influencers, and celebrities to help gain a competitive advantage.

The team can provide resources on how to achieve quick CG and CMC lists, set up AMA's with various crypto channels, poocoin vetted - you name it.

We have tier 1 crypto developers on retainer. We can help provide recommendations on hype building and can ensure a smooth launch.

View OnlySimps as a project that your team could launch yourselves without guidance.

Further utility for the platform and holders is currently in the works.


Feel free to message us at: business@onlysimps.io